A Brief Introduction

Pardon me.  I invited you in weeks ago, but I never formally introduced myself.

I’m Monique Danielle, but most call me Mo-.  What I do for a living is not as important as who I am or what I stand for.

I’m proudly middle-aged and convinced that as long as I have a measure of good health, I can attempt the one or two or three things I should have done sooner. The question now is not about capability but whether I have the heart for the sacrifice.   Everything cost something.

I believe in love in all of its forms. I am strong enough to be a part of someone’s life and discerning enough to know when to leave. I care immensely and love intensely, but it is evil to infringe upon another person’s happiness, or allow them to interfere with mine.

I have three expectations of others:  (1) be who you truly are; (2) live up to the standards that you set; and, (3) demand the same from me.

I’m tolerant, even of things that I may disagree with.  I tend to go left when everyone is going right.  I’m exacting and demanding and sometimes my patience runs really short.  Empathy comes natural to me, shallowness bores me, and human connection drives me.

I strive for an “A” even when I know that my best is a “B.”  I’m innately curious and can never learn enough. In everyone and everything there is a lesson: even a broken clock is right twice a day. (Cliché, I know.)

My daily motto is: “I will judge nothing that occurs today.”  Each day I get better at living this out.

My spiritual journey is sacred and personal, so is yours.  The road you travel and how you arrive are not my concerns. Not because I lack interest, but because I hold in the highest regard your right to define you, your life and God.  I will never interfere with another’s journey, and neither will anyone impinge upon mine.

If you need to know what type of daughter, mother, grandmother, godmother, niece, cousin, friend or co-worker that I am, confer with someone who knows me well.

Have I done things that I thought I would never do, said things that I shouldn’t have said, made decisions that I wouldn’t make again, apologized when I didn’t mean it, refused to apologize when I should have, loved good people at bad times, left too soon, stayed too long, talked too much or didn’t speak enough?

Yes.  I lack perfection.

I am not etched in stone.  Neither is my life.  Who I am today is the sum of my experiences thus far.  But each day I seek out and thrive for moments that lead me to different places, new people, and purposeful events that could ultimately change it all.

Eventually I may have to reintroduce myself.   But for now, this is my snapshot.

Truly yours,


P.S. – Feel free to introduce yourself.

17 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction

  1. Hey there, Mo!
    You Rock! I love your voice, your heart! Thank you for making me feel not so alone in this mid-life, re-do, re-vamp, reconstruction that my life has become.


  2. I am a reflection of the most high
    I am a relative to the sky
    I am the dream with open eyes
    Despite all of the lies
    I am we
    So we are all of the above
    She is the truth in motion
    Our religion is love
    Deities are not amongst the doves
    Let us return to the internal
    Dismiss all fallacies
    You must learn you
    We must atone too
    This is my atonement
    This minute
    This moment
    I’m just in it
    I don’t own it
    This is just a prosthetic
    For you to connect with
    I am not the one
    That is uncomfortable
    With the truth
    We were first introduced to fear as a youth
    Our only true disability
    Humans with Humility
    True trickery
    I am a reflection of the most high


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